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Reviews - Romek's Lost Youth The Story of a Boy Survivor

The following reviews were provided free of charge from members of

" I am thankful for the opportunity to receive this book as an early reviewer, an(d) would recommend it to anyone interested in reading WWII history.”      Macnoid January 14, 2023

"  This slim Holocaust memoir was surprising in many ways....

Well-written, direct, and frank..... "      labfs39 December 14, 2022

" Wow, what a great book. The book was a give-away from Library Things early reader program. A terrifying tale of the brutal mistreatment of concentration camp prisoners...." 

thosgpetri   December 14, 2022

 "...I have read several accounts of life during the war, including the Holocaust, but this story I must rate as excellent, as it is a dispassionate telling and full of detail...."

RickLA  February 9, 2023

" I have read so many books on the Holocaust, and yet, everyone of them, this included, adds something to my knowledge base of the horrors inflicted by Hitler's Third Reich and the German people who voted for it...."   Thewanderingjew   December 24, 2022

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