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Batory Publishing is the fruition of a dream, or rather an inkling of an idea, that I held for many years. That is, to publish non-fiction books, particularly about World War II history. The one single event that compelled me into action was when my cousin Ken bestowed upon me his manuscript of his memoirs. It had been written decades earlier, but British publishers were not interested in the genre. I gave the manuscript my complete attention, and did all I could to find a publisher. An opportunity did present itself which would lead to publication, but it was on the condition that modifications be made to the manuscript. Ken refused to make concessions, and of course, I took his side and defended his wishes. However, it meant that there was no book deal. The project was in limbo for years after Ken’s passing until I finally decided to publish it myself, and I did so without making deletions or embellishments – just as Ken would have wanted.

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